Group Classes

Everything you need to train and have fun with your dog - from Puppy Kindergarten to Basic Obedience, as well as sport skills for K9 Nose Work. See the Group Classes page for the entire list.

Private Instruction

Whether your schedule doesn't match mine or your dog gets overwhelmed in a class setting, this option is for you to work with your dog to form that communication you both need.

Behavior Consultations

Are you having a particular problem with your dog? Allow me to custom design a plan to reach your goals for you and your dog based on an in-depth consultation in your home or at my facility.

K9 Nose Work©

I'm a Certified Instructor for NACSW. It's designed to develop your dog's scenting ability by using their curiosity to hunt for target odors. It burns your dog's physical and mental energy whether you compete or not!